Get the Most out of a Job Fair

Another way to increase your network, make contacts with employers and other professionals, gather information about potential employers, develop and refine interviewing skills, and secure interviewing opportunities is to attend a local job fair. Be sure to prepare for a job fair by using the tips below.

  • Pre-register for the event if possible. This will allow you to view online details about the fair and employers ahead of time.
  • Dress as if you are going on an interview, because you are!
  • Arrive early.
  • Obtain an employer listing and floor layout of the companies present at the fair to plan the day and save time.
  • Prioritize employers with whom you wish to visit. Research your top choices in advance. This should be no more than ten companies in order to allow time to meet with all of them.
  • Greet with a firm handshake, strong eye contact and a smile.
  • Make sure to have plenty of copies of your résumé readily available.
  • Ask for employers’ business cards and company materials.
  • Record notes on your conversations with employers.
  • When at the fair, practice your approach on 2 or 3 companies that are not high on your list. This will help you get comfortable and prepared to tackle the ones you want to impress the most.
  • Use your Elevator Speech and be sure to discuss schools, affiliations, and when appropriate volunteer/hobby activities as these all can be discussion points that help the individual remember you more than what your job title is.
  • Speak to them about your talents and that you are trying to get in the industry – ask for advice/recommendations. Rule of thumb: Don’t ask questions that have YES or NO answers because it limits conversations.
  • If you said you would follow-up with the interviewer, do it! 

Here is a listing of local and national sites that provide job fairs in Pennsylvania.

Career Builder
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Employment Guide
Job Circle
Job Fair
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