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Employers look favorably on job seekers who know about them. They also like job seekers who know why they are a good fit. Think about the type of job you really want and go after it.

Now, spend time researching employers. How do you know which employers to research? There are two ways. One is by finding advertised job leads. The other is searching the hidden job market by using the contacts in your network. Look at each employer’s website for job openings.
Here are some ways to find job leads. Once you find job leads, make sure you research each employer. See Research Employers before you apply. Then, contact employers directly.

Find Advertised Jobs
General Career Builder
  Career One Stop
  Job Central
  Job Star
  Job Circle
  Local Help Wanted
Non Profit Idealist
  Find Non Profit Jobs
  Foundation Center
  Non Profit Oyster
  Opportunity Knocks
Government City of Philadelphia
  Federal Jobs
  State of Pennsylvania
Self-Employment US Small Business
Work from Home FlexJobs
Niche Dice: IT
  Disaboomjobs: jobs for people
with disabilities
  Roadtechs: engineers,
technicians and skilled trades

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